The Blind Grind

The Grind

Who makes more money, the brick layer or the basketball player? Does the basketball player work harder than the bricklayer? If they are both doing physical work, then why does one get paid more than the other? Does there seem to be imbalance when it comes to economic success? How does a pop singer get to make over a million dollars for just one song while a teacher won’t make that in a lifetime? If you want to increase your probability of economic success, look no further then Yuen Yung’s proven formula for success outlined in Blind Grind.

  • Element #1 Natural Talent & Skill
  • Element #2 Luck
  • Element #3 Starting Point
  • Element #4 Health
  • Element #5 Education
  • Element #6 Network
  • The Amplifier: Hard Work

The Blind Grind

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